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18th Million Bitcoin Was Mined


Oct 19, Bitcoin (BTC) is back to trading above $8,000 that is a sight of slight market recovery.

BTC blockchain hits 600,000 blocks

After trading below $8,000 threshold for most of the day, Bitcoin has seen a sharp recovery to climb above the mark at publishing time. The biggest cryptocurrency is trading at $8,041, up 1.2% over the past 24 hours. However, Bitcoin is still in red over the past week as its price is down 3.4% over the past seven days. Bitcoin’s market dominance stands at 66.2% at press time.

On Oct. 18, the total number of mined bitcoins crossed 18 million, leaving 3 million to mine in total. Following the new milestone, Bitcoin now has 85.7% of total coins mined, while the number of Bitcoin left to mine until the next halving now amounts to 373,888

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