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Belarus Pressures Russia to Legalize Cryptocurrencies


It always been quite complicated between Russia and Belarus. Now cryptocurrency is becoming a new apple of discord. Minsk has taken a relatively friendly approach to regulating decentralised assets. while some in Moscow want them banned.

Hugging Between Close Allies

The two former Soviet republics decided to reintegrate just a few years after the dissolution of the USSR. The Commonwealth of Belarus and Russia was created in the spring of 1996 and the bond between them was strengthened further with the signing of the “Treaty on the Union Between Belarus and Russia” the following year.

However, the government in Minsk, headed by the first and only president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, remains opposed to any notion of losing sovereignty. While Russia needs more control over its only open corridor to the West. now that Kiev is no longer ruled by friendly forces. The loss of Ukraine tremendously increased the strategic importance of Belarus on the greater geopolitical chessboard. Some think a Russia-led new state is an option for Vladimir Putin to retain power after his fourth term in the Kremlin ends in 2024.

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