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Bithumb Showcases Asset Transfer Service with No Fees


Bithumb Korea is one of the top crypto exchanges in the world with a collective transaction volume exceeding 1 trillion US dollars. It has announced it will take another step towards global expansion by strengthening integration with its international arm by launching a new digital asset transfer service: Bithumb Global.

Bithumb is launching an additional quick asset transfer service with Bithumb Global. Bithumb Global is the global arm of Bithumb Global is designed to facilitate every global user to trade, participate, or contribute to the digital assets ecosystem with ease. In order to use the new asset transfer service, Bithumb clients are required to complete the second tier of Know Your Customer (KYC).

The quick asset transfer service features exceptionally fast transfer speeds, running 10 times faster than transfer speeds calculated on blockchain withdrawals. No commission fees will be charged for the use of this service which would provide users easy access to both South Korean exchange and Bithumb Global accounts

The maximum amount for the transfer between the platforms is capped at two Bitcoin (BTC). As the service launches, users can only be able to move Bitcoin and Ether (ETH), Bithumb said, emphasizing that Korean won transfers are not yet supported.

“Bithumb Global strives to facilitate and maintain an open gateway for valuable transfers between multiple channels using innovative technology to benefit its customers worldwide. ”
– Javier Sim (M.D of Bithumb Global)

A spokesperson at Bithumb’s international business development outlined that the new transfer service would ultimately increase liquidity by reducing barriers between the two platforms.

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