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Cisco in Patent to Build 5G Networks on Blockchain


Telecommunications Network company Cisco has won a patent detailing how it could leverage blockchain to secure the data in 5G telecommunication networks.

Cisco’s patent, awarded Tuesday, November 26, details how mobile phones could include blockchain authentication data that would allow them access to networks. It could be used for telecommunications networks including new 5G networks, which promises ultra-fast data speeds.

“The blockchain authentication data includes blockchain credentials associated with the [device]; With such a system, users could submit payment credits to the blockchain network in exchange for network services.”

The company describes how a blockchain platform can be used to support network slices, referring to an architecture that allows multiple independent virtualized networks to run in the same physical infrastructure more efficiently. 

The idea is that Cisco will manage the data sessions between the user’s device and the virtual network. This way, the patent describes how this platform could be used to support “network slices”, which are the architecture that supports several independent networks as they use the same infrastructure simultaneously. According to the filing.

Cisco is just among a long list of many companies that are exploring the integration of blockchain technologies and Internet of Things (IoT). Companies, such as Bosch, BNY Mellon, Chronicled and Filament, have used Hyperledger, ethereum and Quorum to create or upgrade their products and services. 

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