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Craig Wright Breaks Settlement Agreement, Billion Dollar Lawsuit Continues


Craig Wright, the man who claims to be Bitcoin’s inventor, is being sued by Ira Kleiman, the brother of the now-deceased David Kleiman, for allegedly interfering with David’s bitcoin assets and intellectual property after he passed away.

In early September, the high-profile court case Kleiman v. Wright looked as though it was wrapping up as the two parties reached a non-binding settlement; After the judge ruled the Kleimans were to be awarded 50% of Wright’s alleged BTC holdings and 50% of his blockchain intellectual property (IP).

On October 30, Wright broke the agreement, explaining that he couldn’t finance the settlement. Now, the Kleiman estate has filed a new court document which details that “Craig could no longer finance the settlement and was “breaking” the non-binding settlement agreement.”

Craig Wright reportedly pulled out of the settlement with the Kleiman estate, claiming he was unable to finance the 500,000 BTC payoff.

The trial date is set for March 30, 2020.

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