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Cryptocurrencies gainers for week 20


Global cryptocurrency -GCC

This is a decentralized crypto. According to the team, GCC is a peer-to-peer crypto designed to be used for all services.

In week 19, GCC token closed at $0.0012. The market cap of the crypto then was slightly over $1 million and the volume traded for the day (Friday, May 11th) was $7,200. On May 17th, the market cap for the token had climbed to reach a high of $0.0109 while its total market worth was $4.6 million. Over the week, the crypto has climbed by over 589%.

Hydrogen – HYDRO

Hydrogen is one of the newest cryptocurrencies in the market having been listed on coinmarketcap in May 2018.

The crypto closed at $.00359 on Friday, May 11th. Over the week, the token climbed to reach a high of $0.0152 on Wednesday. On Friday afternoon it was trading at $0.007 and its market cap was $22. Tt was still a top gainer in week 20.


AidCoin – AID

AidCoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies built to help in the charity world. It uses Ethereum blockchain and according to its developers, it is poised to play a leading role in the upcoming era of fundraising.

The crypto was launched this year. The price it was commanding on Friday, May 11th, was $0.1307 while its market cap was at $5.3 million. The value stayed below $80,000 throughout the week only for it to surge and reach $10 million on Thursday. It continued to rise on Friday and it was around $14 million around noon CET. At around the same time, the market cap was at $9.9 million.

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