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Cryptocurrency took New York by storm, conference tracking for $17 million in ticket sales


During last year’s conference, bitcoin accelerated its gains above $2,000. The cryptocurrency went on to top $19,000 seven months later in December. But it has since lost more than half its value and was trading near $8,700 Monday morning.

The week’s main event, Consensus conference, tripled in size over the year prior, drawing roughly 8,500 people to Wall Street’s home. Organisers had relocated the summit from the Marriott Marquis to the allegedly more spacious Hilton Midtown in a futile attempt to accommodate the surge in attendance this year.

“It is a little bit chaotic in here,” explained Ronnie Moas, head of independent market investigate company Standpoint Research. “I think they offered far too many tickets.”

“Absolutely everyone is here. A lot of the major 100 crypto names are here. The developers are listed here,” reported Moas, who predicts bitcoin will triple to $28,000 by the stop of 2019. He explained he paid $2,999 for his ticket.

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