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France to Become Leader in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


French Finance Minister Le Maire had negative views about Bitcoin and other digital currencies in 2017. For example, in December that year, he proposed to President Mauricio Macri, who was to host the 2018 G20 in Buenos Aires, that member countries should discuss how to regulate Bitcoin because it conveyed risks of speculation.

However, at the G20 meeting, Le Maire reversed course and highlighted the prominent role the cryptocurrency can play in the global economy. The minister since continues his enthusiastic support of the crypto community.

France already has a leadership position in the world of fintech, specifically, crowdfunding and the blockchain. “so why stop there?” said Le Maire.

Le Maire pointed in earlier mentions to a blockchain revolution in which “bitcoin was only a precursor,” suggesting that there is more to the innovation and developments in the country.

Le Maire also pointed out that the blockchain revolution has the potential to disrupt the banking (including investment funds) and insurance industries as we know them. He warned: “Anticipate them. Let’s not be mere spectators: become actors in this revolution.”


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