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Get lawyers to help you in your blockchain race


Bitcoin is a decentralised technology that is designed to potentially disrupt the world banking system. After 9 years of hanging around, it seems like the effects are taking place. It’s no surprise that the cryptocurrency community has a rather tepid relationship with financial regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The SEC is still developing its official policy on how to regulate cryptocurrencies, and you’ve got an incredibly uncertain legal environment from which to launch a crypto-business.

Corporate lawyers are learning about blockchain-based decentralised autonomous organisations, and how these may replace traditional business structures.

Now, as companies compete for a piece of the cryptocurrency pie, much of the ground work is being done by the general counsel — cryptocurrency companies’ in-house lawyers.

Many of the lawyers on this list have spent their careers in finance law or in-house at other tech companies. Some lawyers went in-house shortly after finishing their law degree, while others held senior-level roles across three different presidential administrations before finding their way into the world of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

The future of blockchain is now. And its very nature threatens to render the traditional a run for their money.  Always engage a lawyer will the crypto race alongside with you.

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