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HTC Phone Can Mine Cryptocurrency


Bitcoins and mobile phones are the most important and impactful technology inventions of recent times. Taiwan-based smart phone maker HTC will allow users of its Exodus blockchain phone to mine cryptocurrency. HTC partnered with Mida Labs to use its DeMiner app, a native cryptocurrency mining app, on the Exodus 1S model.

The app allows users to mine monero (XMR) and can earn users up to $0.0038 in the crypto on average daily. While this amount may be puny, it marks what is possible in the future for mobile phones in five to 10 years ahead.

According to Midas Lab, the app is comparable to those that run on desktop computers but is energy-efficient enough to run on a mobile device without overheating the onboard chip. HTC says the effort is aimed at bringing further decentralisation to crypto mining.

Mobile mining like this will add a whole new meaning to decentralisation. As such they increase the security of the network. Cryptocurrency users will benefit from such mining.

Mining of cryptocurrency has progressed from using computer processors to graphics cards and even dedicated processors called ASICS for some blockchains as participants sought to maintain returns amid rising network difficulty. As such the ability to mine on a mobile phone is at least novel and may increase adoption and education around cryptocurrency.

HTC said the DeMiner app – expected to launch sometime in Q2 2020 – used on the Exodus is roughly equivalent to a desktop computer in terms of mining (or hashing) power, but brings far lower energy demands.

The number of mobile phones globally is approaching 3.5 billion as of 2020. There it is, a great amount of computing power that could be used to further decentralise blockchain networks.

Remember the days where you could only access your emails through a computer. Today, you can do a video conference meeting through your mobile phone, make payments, and what not.

β€œAt HTC, our position is to use the mobile phone to drive further decentralization. The mobile phone has become the primary computing device of the people and making it accessible to everyone empowers the people,” said Phil Chen, HTC.

Early last month, the firm revealed a 5G router that will also support a full bitcoin node.

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