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Huawei Partners with China Central Bank’s Digital Currency Research Institute


Huawei has announced a partnership with the People’s Bank of China’s Digital Currency Research Institute. Without disclosing further details, Huawei said that the two are cooperating for financial technology research.

Huawei very much into blockchain

In a statement released on Monday, Huawei said that the signing of the fintech research cooperation agreement between Huawei and the central bank’s Digital Currency Research Institute was made following PBoC deputy governor Fan Yifei’s visit at Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen.

Huawei has been actively developing its capabilities in the Blockchain. The company launched a product in April 2018 called Blockchain Service, a platform powered by Hyperledger. This release came a month after the unveiling of Caliper, a joint project of Huawei and Hyperledger.

Going Global

The company also had plans to introduce its product, blockchain services, to the Latin American market.

A top executive at Huawei made a call during a speech to other companies for a partnership with the company towards the development of 5G technology applications. A decision which he promises to be highly rewarding for all involved. He also addressed the company’s commitment to the 5G revolution and is working towards becoming a global leader in the technology.

It is also the Chinese government’s aim to become the global leader in the blockchain sector. Nothing is left to chance as the country’s leadership has been engaging in aggressive blockchain development and innovation over the last few years. In fact, China’s President Xi Jinping himself has called for greater levels of research and investment into blockchain.

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