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IBM Patent Blockchain for Drone-Theft Prevention


Computing giant IBM has filed for a patent of a system that uses blockchain technology to prevent drone package theft. IBM will track drone altitude using an Internet of Things (IoT) altimeter, while continuously uploading that data to a blockchain secure platform.

There are two big things in today’s living. People buy goods online, and people fly their own personal drones. The patent seeks to address any devious intention arising from the use of such combination could potentially lead to problems. 

IBM’s idea is that packages will be outfitted with an altitude sensor that is set to trigger an alarm if a significant altitude change is measured outside of the preset criteria. Once the alarm is triggered, the GPS-enabled IoT device will transmit its exact location data to a tracking module. It’s like giving your online-purchased packages a way to call SOS when something goes wrong en route to your location.

IBM’s patent describes unattended delivery of packages that can leave items vulnerable to theft and other destructive behaviours after the package is delivered and before it is received. The patent goes on:

“The confluence of the increase in drone use and the increase in online shopping provides a situation in which a drone may be used with nefarious intent to anonymously take a package that is left on a doorstep after delivery.”

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