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ICOs have Raised $4 Billion in 2017


It has been a pretty exciting year in 2017 for ICOs.

A fiat equivalent of about $4 billion have been raised, and the number of successful token placements have increased to a couple of hundreds globally. Yet, in the same year, traditional IPOs are estimated to have raised about $180 billion according to EY’s Global Trend report.

In just one year, ICOs proceeds have upped almost 40-fold, from $96.3 million in 2016. Now, according to’s listings, more than 180 new ICOs are scheduled to launch in 2018. it looks like ICO is THE thing in the next 5 years.

So far, ICOs have raised less about 2% of global IPO proceeds. Even though its just 2%, ICOs are talk of the streets instead of IPOs or VC deals.

We are expecting that government authorities begin regulating ICO as we can see from the Stock Exchanges. Stock exchanges and financial markets are regulated because scams, frauds and crashes have already happened there. It is a matter of time ICOs will be regulated.

The upside of ICOs and cryptocurrencies is that they bring equality to projects from underprivileged geographies, sectors, while doing so, protecting the founders’ share.

We have already seen examples the likes of Blockchain-based real estate investment, loyalty programs, notary public, supply chain management and various other real-world applications.

Coming up in 2018, we can expect to see more of those and beyond as ICOs offers more projects that will serve a larger and broader community.

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