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Former Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen Views Blockchain As An “Important Technology”


Former U.S. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, an outspoken opponent of cryptocurrency, has just received her first satoshis.

After giving a strong speech at the Canada Fintech Forum earlier this week, a Bitcoin advocate decided to send Yellen some bitcoin so she could experience it first hand. The former chairperson of the U.S. central bank has struck critical tones in the past toward cryptocurrency, but elsewhere had said she views blockchain as an “important technology.”

Raz Suprovici, creator of Bitcoin gifting site Biterica, sent Janet Yellen $20 worth of BTC. He accomplished this by sending it to her publicly available university address, then using Biterica’s service to send her coins via email. Raz shared his email on Reddit, and even included Yellen’s response: “Thanks so much for the gift! Maybe ‘to know it’ will be ‘to love it.’”

When contacted to confirm the receiving some bitcoin as gift, Yellen said that she had received it but hasn’t gone far in investigating her newly-obtained coins.

“I did receive a gift of bitcoins this morning and have been very busy ever since so I’ve not looked into it further,” she wrote. Yellen further said that she did not have anything to add to her previous remarks about bitcoin this week.

Suprovici further explained his intentions, that he wanted to help Yellen learn more about bitcoin, seeing the gift as the best avenue for that to occur.

“Based on the way she spoke about it at the conference, it seemed that she had never owned any bitcoin,” he said, adding:

“People are afraid of the unknown. I was hoping that when she logged into her bitcoin wallet with her ID and password, she would see it’s just like a typical online bank account. The money she owns is there, in her control, ready to spend … I hope that this sparks her openness to the technology.”

“Maybe all policy-makers should be gifted a little bit of bitcoin,” he added.



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