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More Support for Bitcoin Cash at ATM Machines


Bitcoin cash has been gaining more support from within the automated teller machine ecosystem after a few companies revealed the digital asset would be integrated into their machine’s software. Now, this past week the bitcoin cash (BCH) community got more infrastructure endorsement from the ATM manufacturer Lamassu as the firm announced BCH support has been implemented into their machines.

Lamassu ATM Manufacturer Announces Bitcoin Cash Support

This week the well-known bitcoin ATM manufacturer, Lamassu, announced to its Twitter followers that bitcoin cash functionality is now available. Lamassu was founded by two brothers named Zach and Josh Harvey back in 2013. According to the company’s geolocation map, there are roughly 268 Lamassu machines spread all over the world. The founders felt that cryptocurrency wasn’t easy to obtain so they built a prototype so people can acquire bitcoin through an automated machine. Now bitcoin cash supporters can obtain BCH via the company’s latest update.

“Bitcoin cash is now available on Lamassu machines,” explains the ATM company.

1300 Machines Worldwide Will Soon Have Bitcoin Cash Functionality


The digital asset has already garnered ATM support from the company Bitcoinplug. On November 6 the firm revealed that BCH had been integrated into all 21 of the company’s Los Angeles area bitcoin ATM locations. In addition to the LA machines one of the largest ATM manufacturers worldwide, General Bytes, is in the midst of implementing BCH support. The Prague-based company explains on Twitter stating;

We are working on adding official support for all ATMs but want to test thoroughly before releasing. (No need to modify graphics BTW)

With Bitcoinplug and General Bytes support, adding Lamassu machines provide more BCH accessibility for those who enjoy buying cryptos from an automated teller. With all three companies implementing bitcoin cash, it means that over 1300 devices worldwide will be able to upgrade to support BCH transactions.

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