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Oman’s Largest Port Joins IBM’s Blockchain Shipping Platform TradeLens


Salalah, the largest port in Oman, has signed up to IBM and Maersk’s blockchain supply chain platform TradeLens.

According to a Times of Oman report from Wednesday, the port has only recently been included in the shipping data project, in an attempt to make some digital transformations.

The platform enables companies along the shipping supply chain to share data on cargoes in real time over its permissioned blockchain, ultimately aiming to bring improved transparency and efficiency to international trade. According to the Times, the port is working with other entities in the supply chain to digitize its operations and sees TradeLens as a way to bring a global transparency standard to shipping operations.

Make Shipping Operations Transparent

According to the Port’s CEO, Salalah port is taking measures to collaborate with other supply chain entities to make its operations digital. TradeLens could be very helpful when it comes to bringing transparency to shipping operations.

“Adopting and incorporating blockchain technology into all aspects of the supply chain will not only enhance the attractiveness of Salalah for [ecosystem] companies but also support the development of new business models that can further leverage the geographical location of Salalah.”

The TradeLens platform is digitizing the shipping industry to enable transparency for the container supply chain. It integrates with IoT devices to measure temperature, container weight and other aspects.

TradeLens project, having made some changes to its business structure have seen a number of major carriers to come aboard in the last year. The platform now has more than 100 participants – including five of the six largest container shipping firms as well as port operators and regulators – and is processing over “10 million discrete shipping events and thousands of documents each week,” according to previous statements from Maersk.

The Port of Salalah recently broke its own record, handling yearly volume equivalent to four million shipping containers, according to the Times of Omar.

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