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ReddCoin Braces Singapore Market After Being Listed on BiteBTC Exchange


ReddCoin is paving the way for the internet of value with plans to make it easy for the mainstream public to use cryptocurrencies with ease. To achieve this, ReddCoin is taking advantage of a proof of stake velocity protocol that does not only make it easy for miners to sustain and make a profit on the network but also guarantees the decentralization of the network. The ultimate plan for Redd coin is to dominate the social platforms. If the project’s roadmap is anything to go by, there already exists impressive technical developments designed to integrate the coin seamlessly into major social networks. Little wonder how the RDD coin has managed to make tremendous gains going after new markets with the news of its listing on a new exchange.
It has barely been a month since ReddCoin unveiled the revolutionary Redd pay and Redd Card services to enable crypto enthusiasts to spend their RDD more efficiently and with ease than the announcement for the coin’s listing on BiteBTC exchange came out.
With this new development, Redd Coin will not be able to tap into a new market with the potential to scale even further in terms of outreach but the project’s ultimate goal of accessibility and ease of use will be a step closer to reality. Already there has been speculation around the price of Reddcoin( currently at $0.008 with a market cap of over $200 million) hitting the coveted $1 mark. By the look of it, that target might no longer be a far-fetched dream considering its new listing on BiteBTC.

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