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Sony Financial Ventures Invests in Blockchain Digital Asset Company Series A Round


A venture capital fund under the management of Sony Financial Ventures (SFV) and Japan-based VC firm Global Brain has invested an undisclosed amount in security token issuance platform Securitize as an extension of the firm’s ongoing Series A round. The platform helps companies tokenise assets and securities.

Securitize has raised a total of $26.8M to date. Their latest funding was raised on Nov 2019 from a Series A round at a total of $14 million; with MUFG Innovation Partners, Santander InnoVentures and others invested in the round.

Securitize is said to be modernising capital markets by enabling digital securities, making them easier to own, simpler to manage, and faster to trade. These digital securities can represent various asset classes including equity, fund stakes, fixed income, and real estate. It claims that its DS Protocol, which enables seamless, fully-compliant trading across multiple markets simultaneously, has the highest adoption rate in the industry.

The platform is regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a transfer agent and official keeper of records on changes of securities ownership. The firm aims to modernise the traditional capital markets by allowing institutions to issue and manage tokenized assets such as equities, fund stakes, fixed income, and real estate.

Japan’s Interest in Digital Securities

Sony Financial Ventures invests companies working on innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, Internet of Things and visualisation.
Such investment from Sony Financial Ventures, signifies the Japan’s growing interest in digital securities. Japan is seeking to amend its crypto-asset regulations, which are expected to come into force in April this year.

“As Japan prepares to approve its new law on digital securities, Securitize continues to position itself as the leading company in this market by adding another top corporate financial partner to its list of world-class investors supporting us in the country,”
– Securitize CEO and co-founder Carlos Domingo.

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