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US blockchain firm opens office in Dubai


US-based AI-powered freelance job platform Boon Tech has opened its first international office in Dubai.

The tech firm, which also the first blockchain project to be accepted by Oracle Startup System, moved to the emirate prompted by the region’s market size and growth potential for Boon Tech’s freelance job platform.

BoonTech said it aims to attract employers from Dubai and the Middle East as well as freelancers from the region and beyond.

Its blockchain-based, AI-powered decentralised online job portal offers a free platform for employers and freelancers to meet and carry out transactions involving freelance services with cryptocurrency rewards.

The decentralized blockchain itself is a highly effective technology to keep away the hackers. The technology distributes tiny bits of data over thousands of computers. And the hackers have to access all devices, arrange the data bits and decrypt them. Only then they could get the required information and to this day it is virtually impossible.

Boon Tech combines concepts from job marketplace with lessons learned from building cryptocurrencies and their communities.

Freelancers undertaking assignments on Boon Tech’s portal are paid with a ‘Boon Dollar’ is pegged with US Dollar and does not fluctuate like other cryptocurrencies.


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