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Xeonbit – The Private Digital Currency for Secure Payment



Xeonbit is a private digital currency for secure payments.


The development of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies has completely changed the financial industry. More people are adopting digital currencies as a form of investment or as a medium of exchange, i.e. means of payment.

Cryptocurrencies have gained enormous popularity due to many factors. Today, adopters and enthusiasts have high preference over two of the most important features: privacy and anonymity. Privacy and anonymity allow users to keep their identities as well as their transactions protected from the prying eyes.

Ten years may sound short but it has come a long way. Soon, you may be able to use digital currency to pay for anything from your morning coffee to happy hour drinks. For the foreseeable future, one may even be able to use digital currency to pay for his or her house rental.


Privacy and Anonymity

Xeonbit is pride itself over its privacy and anonymity; it provides adopters the security they require.

The first unique aspect of Xeonbit is the use of ring signatures that shuffle the public keys of users to make it harder to identify users using the transactions listed in the ledger. Additionally, the digital wallet is cryptographically secured to against breach by hackers, and other nefarious individuals. The transactions have also been built in a way that allows users to be anonymous with no third-party obligations.

The blockchain features the Diffie-Hellman protocol that creates a public access that allows one-time addresses that cannot be gathered by external parties wishing to analyse the blockchain. This guarantees the anonymity of the transactions from outside analysis by government and regulatory bodies, ensuring the safety of your financial records.

Due to Xeonbit’s fungibility, privacy and decentralization; anybody can broadcast or send transactions, but no outside observer can tell the source, amount or destination.

Xeonbit’s demand has grown primarily thanks to its anonymity characteristics. Transactions involving Xeonbit are un-linkable and untraceable, and these are the main reasons why it is so desirable among its first adopters.



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